Are you an educator wishing to exceed the traditional conventions of early childhood care and establish curricula? Do wish to watch your students grow one-on-one, one-by-one and step-by-step through one lesson at a time. Do you believe there is no limit or timeframe for learning and that the world itself is the most divine classroom of all?

We seek only inspired educators, who show at the doorstep with full-focus on the child. While this job isn’t considered Nanny-ing or Au Pair childcare, it embodies and bears all the responsibilities of such caretakers. During the application process we check for educational experience and classifications, geographical needs, the passion and presence of each potential educator, hands-on experience and performance in related positions.

            It is recommended that our candidates are educated and experienced in the following child-related fields/studies:

  • Preschool programs
  • Montessori
  • Art, music, drama and dance education
  • After school programs
  • Home school programs
  • Bilingual education
  • Coaching/camp experience
  • Child psychology, social work, counseling
  • Elementary and early childhood education
  • Au pair, nanny, or babysitting
  • Special needs/Gifted/ESE education
  • Behavioral sciences
  • Family Studies

Our Services

  • Home Individualized and personalized Educator
  • Modern pedagogy with only a focus: to develop your child’s skills
  • Safe, Video control from your smartphone
  • Simple, Educator’s booking directly from web site
  • Toddlers, Kindergarten, Pre-School
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Why us?

  • Professional educator easily recognizable
  • Modern environment for your child with ipads and more
  • Because future starts before school