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Childhood Education Department

We provide focused efforts toward developing confidence in their abilities to articulate and to express their opinion. With the support of our parents, our programs we pair children with personalized, one-on-one teachings to not only help the children discover the world around them but themselves. We believe all children have character traits and special qualities to find a passion, pursue it, and succeed at the earliest age possible. It is our calling to provide a learning environment to draw out these hidden characteristics by combining the nurturing and providing of basic needs with the presence of a passionate educator guaranteed to get through to the ever-expanding ever-growing mind of the child.

Early Educare Advantage Program

We believe that every child is born with the ability to learn. And the difference isn’t so much in the educator, it’s in the child. Research shows that earlier learning build for not only extensive vocabularies, letter-recognition and knowing numbers. To know what they want and discover things for themselves, a strong predictor for later success in academics and life. From infancy through preschool, pre-literacy to counting, problem solving to pre-algebra, our one-on-one means of teaching gives our educators the ability to emphasize learning as the social-emotional skills emerge. Through the practice of care, each child develops a special relationship with their educator.

Even Start Family Literacy Program

Our focus is also on fun. Because we believe better readers don’t come from those who just know how to read but rather those who love to read. Our educators will showcase story-telling in ways that show reading not as the digestion of information, but rather an act of active participation. Reading isn’t just a skill but rather it’s a pathway to a better imagination and outlook toward making decisions and, for the first time in their life, seeing success.

Pathways of Positive Learning 

We cater to children not just with the basic needs essential to their environment and development, but also by being a best friend where they need it the most. Child Educare doesn’t just give your child a provider, and an educator, but a partner toward the pursuit of wonder and passions. Our Montessori-inspired and modern (iPad that kids can use) approach goes the extra mile that traditional nanny services and daycare centers cannot. Research has proven that children learn and function better in smaller classroom environments. With Child Educare, you’ll be sure to give your child a one-on-one-centric means of teaching and no child under our services will be undervalued in terms of their potential. We not only allow creativity, we champion it and allow your child to channel and love every second of it.


Our Services

  • Home Individualized and personalized Educator
  • Modern pedagogy with only a focus: to develop your child’s skills
  • Safe, Video control from your smartphone
  • Simple, Educator’s booking directly from web site
  • Toddlers, Kindergarten, Pre-School
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  • Professional educator easily recognizable
  • Modern environment for your child with ipads and more
  • Because future starts before school