Is it too early for my child to learn?

Recent brain-development studies have shown researchers that the importance of the first years of life have a major impact on later life successes. 70% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of six. Not to mention the way the brain develops it through everyday experiences. These experiences form trillions of connections in a child’s brain, helping the child learn more readily throughout life. Our caregivers are aware of every aspect of a child’s development, stage-by-stage, and showcase the training necessary to nurture and stimulate it to reaching their potential.

What is Child Educare?

We offer a childcare-alternative for parents looking to get more out of their childcare than just an eye and basic care. In addition to a traditional nanny service, our educators are trained to teach any child from infancy to school age.

What is an Educator?

An educator is a child-development specialist that not only cares for your child’s daily needs while creating teaching activities and not only meeting the educational goals of parents, but discovering new ones.

Our educators excel in all child-related fields including montessori, special needs, child psychology and gifted education. Each educator interviews families and matches their needs, goals and passions with a specialty for specialized care.

How could I let somebody that I don’t know enter in my house with my child?

First, our educators are acting mostly as a complement to the traditional nanny’s family, they won’t be alone at your home but also the Child Educare program is fully secured by video surveillance through the iPAD’s educators. They are trained to interact in the field of view of the camera, so all parents can control the course of the lesson directly from their smartphone. The videos are then archived for one month on the web site. In complement, a Child Educare employee is watching permanently a screen control representing all the educators in action.

 Why would a teacher want to work from my home?

Our teachers have experience in private homes and special learning centers. Through this experience comes the knowing and successes in engaging children and meeting their individual needs through a one-on-one, personalized experience. Our educators excel in providing ongoing nurture through a relationship built for years, not months or weeks. Each lesson plan is specifically tailored for each child’s development and creative process.

What sets Child Educare apart from a nanny agency or daycare center?

Child Educare specializes and raises the bar in childcare by not just watching and caring, but inspiring each and every child we work with. We inspire a love of learning through age-appropriate activities and experiences through a relaxed and natural setting. The role of each educator is to create a safe, nurturing learning environment for a child of any early age.

We are not trying to replace a nanny but complement her with educational goals.

We provide dynamic interaction toward the creation of a unique learning experience. Research has shown better cognitive, social and emotional growth through interaction with a trusted elder. Our interaction emphasizes eye contact, immediate feedback and natural enthusiasm for all of our children. Day care centers often present pre-established curricula, this completely contradicts our philosophy. Each lesson plan is tailor made to meet the needs and goals of all parents and children in our clientele. We also have experience to meet any the expectations for any special needs and gifts with enhanced lesson plans, patience and positive encouragement to always show that we believe in your child.


Our Services

  • Home Individualized and personalized Educator
  • Modern pedagogy with only a focus: to develop your child’s skills
  • Safe, Video control from your smartphone
  • Simple, Educator’s booking directly from web site
  • Toddlers, Kindergarten, Pre-School
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Why us?

  • Professional educator easily recognizable
  • Modern environment for your child with ipads and more
  • Because future starts before school