Child Development Center – What separates us apart from any nanny agency? We offer the experience and excellence in providing for the young and step up our game with specialized communication to inspire a love for learning to fully-complete and assist in all assets of development: emotional, physical, social and cognitive. The role of our educators including the creation of a safe and nurturing learning environment that creates challenges both novel and stimulating in nature. Our modules provide enhancement toward the understanding of how to set your own goals and follow through with them.  We also offer a one-to-one learning experience. The reason for this is to create a dynamic, educational interaction center that cognitively, socially and emotionally engages every child that brought through our doors.

Training Courses – At home our foundation is one that gives your child the freedom to interact, explore interests and participate in spontaneous learning activities that strengthen the system of relationships as well as stimulate the desire to learn. Children are not just fed the knowledge. Rather they come back wanting more. We do not stuff the developing and blossoming mind with answers… We give them questions to help them discover life’s early inspirations at a young age.

We work intimately with parents in the layout of our educator’s plans toward providing a better environment through which they can develop and succeed through. We bring all-inclusive lesson plans that empower the parents of the children we teach. We also have a comprehensive evaluation process so you can see the progress of your child’s learning and make adjustments along the way to provide for what’s best for them.

We offer learning through 5 modules:

Art – By introducing the early children to the world of modern and contemporary painting, children not only attain the knowledge of shapes, colors and strong lines, but also the passion. Our art lessons are designed to teach them the language of imagery through pointing out the well-defined styles and implementation of specific painting techniques to build a subsequent appreciation for the understanding of contemporary art.

Classical Music—We divide this module into two parts, classical and opera. Music is a language that obeys certain rules in a similar and yet entirely different manner as the native languages function. The objective of this module will be to get your children to recognize different sounds, frequencies and harmonies. The child will be introduced to the basic styles of classical music with no confusion. We center our learning on the musical discovery and do so through the accompaniment of body language to bring the music to its sensorial entirety.

Foreign Languages—We offer introductions to following native tongues: French, Spanish and Chinese. This module consists of the combining of a native-language educator as well as the implementation of the Chineese Cube software. With cards, games, songs and softwares, we teach children to integrate the language and not only learn new words, but live them.

Culinary Art IntroductionThe taste of the child is naturally-oriented toward sweets, which builds huge difficulties from parents to teach their children balanced eating. With this module we don’t see the natural bias toward sweets as a challenge, rather an opening to expand through the child’s tastes and not only create an understanding of a balanced diet, but an appreciation for the openness of world cuisine.

Our educators will introduce new foods in fun manners that allow for the discovery of different textures, smells, cooking and associations. A French-gastronomically inspired approach allows for the children to create a research book documenting which tastes them love the most. Which, for parents, will only pave the way toward not only giving children what they need, but what healthy foods they want the most.

Language Art—Literacy is an essential component toward anyone’s social survival. In this module, we showcase reading as an enjoyable experience through lively storytelling. Through passionate presentation, we will inspire your child not just with entertainment, but through the desire to read. With the aim to initiate this craving toward reading, we will show them how reading will not only be beneficial to their survival and social standing in life, but also in the way they think and love life.


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