In our experience, we’ve learned that best way to gain understanding and appreciation for life’s early lessons come from individual care. That is our philosophy that we embody and never compromise. In this personalized environment, hearts, intuition and minds come first over any formula. Our programs aren’t just about stretching the minds of our children, but the minds of our own teachers first.

The time to make profound, lifelong effects on children is never set in stone or on a slate. The mind of a child is always spinning and growing from the second of birth. The potential is infinite and the challenge comes to our educators to communicate and effectively express this information. Beyond curricalae come connections and the step-by-step guidance to grow and apply each and every lesson toward a better life.

Through a partnership of parents and staff every aspect of a child’s development can be noted and used to constantly improve each lesson plan on which goals to make and which goals to meet. Educators work collaboratively with families and communities. Because family-life profoundly impacts the life and development of a young child, we encourage a sense of belonging for all parents in the program. Our interdisciplinary approach engages our educational staff, family, and consultants to ensure the best in the development of parent/child relations, language and literacy and the social/emotional development of your child.

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